Easy Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2022

7 steps to get more Instagram followers

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While creating an Instagram page for your company is easy, getting noticed by your ideal customers is not as easy. Are you sure? There’s plenty of competition. Getting individuals who will begin following you could require some effort. At first, you might be the subject of follow-or-unfollow behavior by other marketers, and it can be a very unpleasant experience in the end. What I don’t want is for you to believe that following/unfollowing is the way to gain followers. Also, I don’t want anyone to believe that it’s a “pay-for-play” game.

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There are plenty of actions you can do to earn more of the most relevant Instagram followers naturally without exposing yourself to unfollow or follow headaches.


Here are some ways you can do to boost your Instagram followers.


Social Media Posting Content sparks Engaging Social Interactions

Let’s get to the point. There are two kinds of interactions that you can engage in on Instagram. Active and passive.


Interactive Passive = Views, Likes and clicking


If you’re trying to understand how you can increase your Instagram followers Your goal should be to develop content that stimulates active interactions (aka MSI, which stands for Meaningful Social Interactions).


These social interactions actively build on your relationships and ultimately trigger Instagram’s algorithm to display your posts to these people more often.


Utilize Call-to-Actions

One method to generate engaged interactions from those who visit your site is to utilize your call-to-actions for your viewers to comment or save your posts, share with your friend, or request your audience to DM you.

You can.. You could ask for a DM. Think of something they could receive from you if they perform the actions. For example, could you give them a reward with a reward for DMing you? Do they receive a unique URL from you? Coupon codes? A quick, direct Q&A with you?

These interactions strengthen your relationships and eventually trigger Instagram’s algorithm to show your posts to these people more often.

Make the Most of the Link to your bio

Your profile could be a major factor when trying to convince people to follow your account. If they click your name to look at your profile and see the short bio and bio link. You only have one hyperlink in your bio, therefore making the most of it is vital. It is possible to connect to your primary site However, there’s also an option of sharing other information.


Utilizing a tool such as Linktree that allows you to join multiple URLs to one link to spread the word even further.

Test and Variety Content Formats

Instagram lets you upload multiple or single images or videos in short lengths, as well as Stories. If you’re using IGTV you can upload longer videos and share brief previews to them. The variety of content you publish will keep your Instagram exciting and engaging for people who are just beginning to discover.

Videos are among the most interesting kinds of content you can post on any social network. Stories are extremely beneficial and allow users to share content in just 24 hours which means that your followers must take a look as quickly as they can so that they don’t miss the content. Diverse content makes your Instagram account more appealing and worth following.


Posting Regularly

It is my daily strive to do because If I have just 5 minutes to share something valuable to my readers I’m deemed to have achieved an accomplishment for the day. My goal is to make connections, and engage with my followers, which is why I make sure to devote at minimum 1 minute sharing something on my accounts, or a glimpse behind-the-scenes. Posting regularly on social media is essential if you wish to build your following with an ideal target audience.

If someone looks at your page and finds that you don’t have much to say or you don’t post regularly and they’ll decide that it’s not an account worth keeping. Regularly posting helps to make more posts included in hashtags and general search results. The more often you share your content frequently, the more likely it is for your posts to be read. If you are planning to post regular posts, make a calendar that will assist you plan your schedule or use the scheduling tools, such as Tailwind or and the Plann APP, or Preview App

By planning your posts, you can be sure that you’ll regularly update your blog and have something new to write about.


Find the Most Popular Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags is essential to find your fans. If you are able to utilize appropriate hashtags for your picture and mix it with a couple of popular hashtags that you can discover people who are curious about what you’ve got.

You can discover the latest hashtags relevant to your needs with different tools like the Instagram hashtag discoverer. This will allow you mix things up to ensure that you don’t become stuck with the same hashtags over and over again. If you use the same hashtags over and over again you may find that you begin to see lower engagement on your posts. Be sure to search for and utilize new hashtags that are relevant to your posts frequently to keep getting new users.

Learn from the latest insights

Instagram insights can reveal many things about how you can increase your following. Through the information that Instagram offers it is possible to see details about which posts have the most attention and when they get the most response.

On your page of insights on your insights page, if you’re logged into a corporate profile, you can sort your most recent posts by engagement so that you can identify which kinds of posts are helping you achieve your objectives. You can alter the filters that are available to obtain details about how your posts are performing and what ones are helping gain more followers as well as other forms of engagement.

Set-up Cross-promotions

Promoting your business through other accounts and individuals on Instagram is a great method of reaching out to new audiences. When you join forces with brands and businesses that have similar target audiences as your own, it’s advantageous for both of them. You can advertise your brand’s name to their fans, and they receive new exposure through your followers.

Collaboration with a different brand or company on Instagram story takeovers can be a method of cross-promoting. For more information look into these five Instagram story tips to gain an increase in followers for Instagram.

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