Best projectors for XBOX 360

Best projectors for XBOX 360

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A projector is necessary for playing games on your Xbox 360 because it projects light onto a screen or wall, allowing you to play without having to sit directly in front of your TV.

Every projector is designed with cutting-edge technologies, features, and displays to deliver exceptional results. To get the best projectors for XBOX 360, we must first read the buyer’s guide, which will assist us in selecting the best one.

Buying Guide for the Best Projectors for XBOX 360

Input Lag

In general, we recommend purchasing projectors with less than 40ms of lag for gaming. Anything less than 25ms is ideal for competitive gaming.

Image Dimensions

Examine the area in which you spend the most time gaming and consider how large a display you can realistically create. Then, buy a projector that fits that dimension.


If you play in a room with any kind of daylight or ambient lighting, you’ll need a projector with at least 2,000 lumens of lamp brightness. You’ll be able to see what’s going on without having to close all of the blinds.

Refresh Rate

The best compromise between price and performance is 120Hz, but a 60Hz refresh rate will suffice. 4K gaming projectors can reach 240Hz, which is even better but much more expensive.

Best projectors for XBOX 360 to buy in 2022

BenQ HT2150ST

If you’re looking for the best 1080p content, this short-throw gaming projector is the way to go.

You’ll be able to see games as they were meant to be seen with 2,200 lumens, a six-segment colour wheel, and ultra-low input lag.

This projector is set to the Game mode by default, which produces a crisp image with accurate colours and good black levels.

You’ll get a great picture in most situations thanks to the six-segment RGBRGB colour wheel and 15,000:1 contrast ratio.

However, with a brightness of only 2,200 lumens, this projector is really only suitable for use in low-light situations.

You’ll also benefit from an impressively low 16ms input lag for an ultra-responsive gaming experience.

The HT2150ST’s short-throw configuration impressed us, giving you more overall flexibility during installation and general use.

This means you won’t need a lot of space to set up the BenQ. When you combine this with 1.2x optical zoom and vertical keystone correction, you have a gaming projector that is extremely versatile.

The BenQ also has an appealing design, with red accent lines that really make it stand out. What looks better is the best projector screen with a vinyl screen material that makes your colours shine in ways you never imagined possible.


  • Input lag is only 16ms.
  • Colour wheel with six segments for accurate colours
  • Short-throw configuration allows for more flexible installation.


  • Unsatisfactory brightness uniformity
  • Only for use in dimly lit areas.

Sony VPL-VW695ES

With ultra-sharp 4K resolution, incredible black levels, and IMAX certification for a near-theater experience, this projector is the cream of the crop. Furthermore, this option has a surprisingly low input lag, which will satisfy most casual gamers.

This projector is on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, but you get a lot of extras when compared to other, less expensive projectors.

To begin, the Sony provides ultra-sharp image quality with a native resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels.

While technically 4K, this resolution is significantly higher than the standard 38402160 found in 4K projectors and TVs, making it one of the best 4K projectors available.

This results in an incredibly detailed picture quality that is extremely difficult to match.

In addition, the VPL-VW695ES has a dynamic iris for super-deep blacks and HDR10 support for bright, vivid colours.

This projector can even play IMAX content and display it as it appears and sounds in theatres.

When it comes to gaming, we were pleasantly surprised to discover input lag of less than 30ms on 4K UHD gaming content.

While not ideal for the most competitive gamers, this is adequate for most applications, particularly at 4K resolution.

We wish Sony had included some smart or streaming functionality, but chances are you’ll be connecting this to a home theatre AV receiver, which you can use to connect to streaming services via your Blu-ray player or video game console.


  • The Reality Creation technology improves detail.
  • IMAX content is supported.
  • Dynamic Iris produces extremely deep blacks


  • There is no intelligent functionality.
  • Lumens rating is low.

Optoma HD143X

The Optoma HD143X is one of the less expensive units that can be used in a smaller room.

When it’s dark, the unit produces high-quality images in any configuration.

It’s simple to set up with a turn of the manual zoom and focus dials, and it comes with a good selection of colour and brightness settings out of the box. The backlit remote is also simple to use in the dark.

Lag times are slightly slower than on more expensive units, but they are still perfectly usable, and only the most detail-obsessed gamers will notice the difference, as the enhanced gaming mode can reduce this to around 16ms.

The lack of a back adjustable leg and a lens cap are two practical issues with the HD143. However, this is not an insurmountable obstacle for a very solid unit that produces an excellent image.


  • Excellent all-arounder
  • 3D capabilities
  • Input lag is short.


  • Inadequate back leg adjustment
  • There is no lens cap.

Tips for Using a Projector with an Xbox 360

When using a projector with an Xbox 360 console, there are several factors to consider, including resolution, light output, and compatibility.

  • Resolution is the number of pixels in an image that can be displayed at once.
  • High resolutions are required to play games or watch movies properly because they allow you to see clear images without blurring or pixelation.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best projectors for XBOX 360 can be difficult.

There are numerous types of projectors, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages to consider before making a purchase decision.

The best way to determine which type of projector is best for your situation is to consider all of these factors, as well as what you intend to use it for.

We don’t know why you’re buying it in the first place, how much space you have available, or anything else, but we’ve done some research for this post that should help.

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