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Discord marketing services-The most effective way to bring your brand awareness

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If you own a brand, it is high time that you need your brand to be promoted to bring in audiences like a wave in the sea, running back and forth. However, there are many channels where you can target people to be part of your community, but how? Usually, every brand has a set of audiences, and those audiences belong to different social media platforms, so you need different strategies for building engagement with people of various forms.

Since there are many social media channels, there is a lot more work. So you need a channel that can be used to promote your brand efficiently. Is there a channel that gets your job done? Yes! There is one such channel called Discord, which was built in a way to attract gamers initially, but now the channel is used for promoting other kinds of businesses and creating user engagement with like-minded people. They do have a community that makes things happen in a better way, and it is definitely an option for promoting your brand. In each community, you have a definite set of people, and each people have an interest in something, and that is where your community gets in. It is an open place for promoting brands; if you have this in mind, you have arrived at your destination.

Learn more about Discord and other things about promoting using this social media channel here on this blog.

What is Discord?

Discord is set to be a voice and chat platform where users can join conversation servers and chat with other users about specialized topics. It was initially developed in 2015, and now it has been expanded to include a wide range of users, including influencers, content producers, and companies looking for an alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams.

It makes sense that marketers might be interested in joining the platform and seeing if it can help them meet their marketing needs, given that it has grown significantly and now serves a variety of groups.

When you read about a community-driven platform, you’d be thinking about whether you can promote it on such a channel. 

Can you advertise on Discord?

Although there are no native advertising tools available like on Facebook or TikTok, you can still promote your company organically by engaging with the community. According to Jesse Nicely, VP and group strategy director at Cashmere Agen, “Brands can authentically engage with consumers on Discord by leveraging what is already appealing about Discord to consumers—forming relationships around common interests and having discussions in real-time.” So, the answer is yes, as it is used to create a community-driven strategy for a wide range of audiences on the desired channels using Discord.

If community building is only a choice, how to make it happen here? 

Here are the 6 steps to building an engaged Discord community for your brand

The Discord community is said to be the next generation of social engagement. However, Businesses and marketers want to interact with customers where they are using it. Additionally, it aids various companies in expanding by allowing them to use their Discord community to develop their brand.

Although social media is frequently mentioned as the preferred channel for interacting with online customers, messaging apps like Discord have 20% more active monthly users. It is considered a secure place for promoting brands that are based on anything. NFTs have found a better way to use the Discord community. Now, here are the 6 steps in promoting a brand using the Discord community.

Step 1: Choose who to add!

Discord holds surprising elements, and that makes them a unique place to promote NFTs and other brands. One of the most prominent features of Discord is its personalization, and you can control who can be part of your group. It gives more options than Facebook as you can give different roles to different people in your group. However, access to different channels within your servers can be granted or denied based on the roles that have been assigned. 

Moreover, like a WhatsApp group, members can be added directly or using group invites. But the control always lies in your hands. Also, Discord is completely private, and you can target messages to different groups in the way you want them to be.

Step 2: Create moderators and tiered groups

You are not constrained to just one Discord group within your server, unlike groups on Facebook, Telegram, and other social media platforms. You can set up a number of text and voice channels and restrict who can access them by assigning roles (as seen on the right side of the above screenshot).

Almost everyone has different roles and access to different chat groups, and this will be efficient; it lets you plan with the team on a separate channel while engaging with people on the other. It also helps you to maintain separate channels for active members and also create a niche group for each department.

These levels and tiers facilitate smooth coordination and communication between various channels. It serves as the cornerstone for creating a community on Discord.

Step 3: Crypto companies use Discord well

A verified cryptocurrency coin used Discord for marketing in a unique way. When major tech giants banned ICO ads, crypto companies used it as an advantage by using Telegram and Discord to make different strategies. This makes it an example of how a discord community could engage. Also, they get timely reports and rewards, and they get to know the real-time progress.

Step 4: Great place to promote real values and exclusive sales

Discord proves to be effective for members of the community as they give effective sales only to them. It is used by companies and marketers who want to engage with customers where they are. You can also throw away special prizes or rewards for the launch of new channels, thus generating a great way.  

Step 5: Great Place for Customer Service

According to reports, 67% of people are using social media channels to resolve their issues. However, they even choose companies that could engage with the customers by giving customer support on social media platforms like these. This is a better platform for customer service as you can even send private messages to people in the group by selecting their names.

By using Discord to address customer issues, you can create a welcoming environment that will keep people coming back. It’s one of the best methods for interacting with current or potential customers.

Step 6:  Fans can create groups

It is a good chance that you can drive audiences through fan-created groups of the brands that already exist. However, discord has the brightest thing that makes people opt for a solution within a group as the user community gets more positive results than any other thing here.


NFT discord marketing proves to be sufficient for people who tend to create a community and promote their brand using them. NFTs get counted as they belong to those people who wish to be a part of the community. It all happens here, and people are definitely worth sharing their thoughts on the community-driven atmosphere. You can also get a company that uses Discord as their marketing tool for better reach of your brand.


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