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Learn About Some Good Study Habits for Primary School Students

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The new-age kids are multitasking, which is not making their life any easier. In addition, extended school hours and extracurricular activities cut short the time for self-preparation at home. The key to making the most of that limited amount of time is to be an intelligent student rather than a hard-working one.

Successful students achieve their goals through excellent time management, proper and intricate planning, and perfect execution. In addition, developing effective study habits can lead one to success in the long run, both in Singapore primary school fees and the workplace.

Many students find primary school difficult, especially with study habits. The problem is not finding things to do but maintaining good study habits throughout the year. This is why there are many tips on how you can improve your study habits, such as tackling procrastination and improving concentration levels. Here are 5 useful tips for effective studying in primary school! If you’re looking to help your child be as successful as possible, then it’s vital that you know what good study habits are. 


Why is Studying Difficult for Some Children Compared to Others? 

Some kids find it challenging to study compared to others for various reasons. 

  • Absence of required amount of interest

Each kid is different. The same subject can be found interesting and boring with different sets of students. Whenever something doesn’t interest the kids, it is easy for them to put it in cold storage.

  • Worrying too much

Certain situations, assignments, or workloads can put pressure on students. On top of that, the pandemic and tricky situations created massive pressure on the students to keep aside the average stress level at Singapore primary school fees. All these burdens make it hard for them to focus.

  • Distraction

Distraction is another factor that stands in the way of concentrating and proper learning. As a result, many children struggle with their studies, and the parents and teacher must discuss the issue without judgement and help them find the answer. 


Ways to Create Good Habits for the Primary School Students 

  • Steer clear of distraction as long as possible

Multitasking is difficult for adults and more difficult for kids. Without getting rid of distractions, you can not concentrate properly. It applies to every student, especially the ones diagnosed with ADHD.

The most common distraction for students nowadays is mobile devices, TV, laptops, Tabs, or any multimedia device. Choose a place for these devices with screens and set a time limit before allowing the kids to access them. It will save both time and energy. Students will be more focused and attentive in their studies. If they are required to use their phone, keep it on aeroplane mode and let them use it.

Make a study corner for the students away from any noise, particularly away from the TV. If there is too much noise, play some white noise to help the kid concentrate on their projects.

  • Use at-home learning technology

New-age learning is about exploring online resources to help your kid excel in their studies. Providing online access to your kids can lead them to a bright future. Try various online options to help them with their international school projects and homework. Get access to some age-specific fun curriculum designed particularly for those who lack interest in studying at home. 

  • Take breaks often

Make sure that your kid is taking short breaks in between studies. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your kid will lose productivity if studying for long hours without any breaks.

  • Encourage them to get organised

Help your kid get organised so they can finish homework and school projects on time. Encourage them to prepare their bags with books, supplies, and finished assignments so that the following day will be worry-free for them before going to an international school.

  • Use a highlighter and take notes more often 

Colour coding can help them remember the key elements of that specific topic. Therefore, listening carefully and taking note of all the crucial points discussed in class should be encouraged.

Good study habits are a paramount quality to be developed in a kid so they can blossom into a good learner later in life.


Last Words

Ultimately, though, the answer is up to the student. As a parent or guardian, you can set boundaries and make sure kids get enough time to focus on homework and studying in general. But it’s ultimately up to your kids as to whether just how fond they are of school work. If you’re a teacher, focus on imparting this attitude to your students by emphasizing organization and the need for study habits. And if you’re a student yourself, try these tips and see what helps you get the most out of your studies. All in all, these are just a few study habits that can help primary school students improve their performance in their exams. Not only will they help your child study better but they’ll also be able to use them as they progress in school.

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