Power Tool Market Size, Share and Trends.

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When an additional power source is actuated, power tools are semiconductors used for various industrial applications. Power tools include circular saws, jigsaws, hammer drills, sanders, grinders, routers, and many others. However, power tools can pose several hazards if not used with caution and consideration.

The size of the global market for power tools was $35.63 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated that it will grow to $55.89 billion by 2030, representing a CAGR of 5.13% over the forecast period of 2021–2030.

During the forecast period, expanding online sales of rechargeable power tools, home improvement tools, and handheld power tools. And other tools will continue to be key growth drivers.

Leading power tool manufacturers are concentrating on creating products with cutting-edge technology that are more effective and perform better, especially for the market for cordless power tools.

Market drivers

Power tools are widely used in applications and functionalities, including assembly and production plants, repair and maintenance, do-it-yourself projects, and many other packaging jobs. Power tools provide better handling and effectiveness in various operations and help reduce time, thereby meeting the various labor requirements. Furthermore, it is extremely helpful in terms of increasing profitability and productivity. These are some key factors driving the market forward in various industries shortly.

The market for power tools is likely to expand rapidly as demand increases in the automotive and manufacturing industries. It also decreases the total time required to complete the task within the specified time frame. Furthermore, the growing use of sanders, wrenches, drills, and other tools in the construction industry is increasing the demand for these power tools.

The increasing use of tools and accessories such as a drill bit, cordless drill, Dewalt drill, scroll saw, electric screwdriver, electric pressure washer, woodworking tools, Makita impact driver, palm sander, and DeWalt cordless tools, as well as the growth and advancement of the power tool accessories market and cordless power tools industry, are all driving the industry’s overall growth significantly over the forecasted period.


Maintenance and high costs of moving parts, and variations in the costs of raw materials required to build power materials are restricting the market’s overall growth.

Key opportunity

The rise of IoT technologies and improved smart connected systems in assembly line operations resulted in the development of various smart and connected tools. As a result, the leading tool manufacturers are focusing entirely on producing smart and connected power tools, which are looking for to generate many growth opportunities in the future.

Segmentation analysis

  • On the basis of product, the Drills segment ruled the market in 2019 with a revenue share of 30.2%. And this dominance is looking to continue throughout the forecast period. Drills are simple to use, less expensive than other power tools, and widely used in industrial and household applications. Drills are also widely use as a basic repair and maintenance tool, contributing to segment growth. Aside from drills, the product category is divide into saws, wrenches, grinders, sanders, and other items.
  • By modes of operation, in 2019, the electric mode of operation accounted for more than 60.0% of global revenue. The large share is due to the ease of mobility and efficiency of the operation of electric tools. The introduction of powerful battery packs has increased the power of electric tools. The electric model is further divide into two types: corded and cordless.
  • On the basis of application, In 2019, industrial application accounted for more than 63.0% of total revenue. It is use in various industrial applications, such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and logistics. Increased technological development and adoption of advanced technologies by these industries are critical factors in industrial applications’ dominance over the residential segment. The automotive and construction industries are the most likely to use power tools, fueling the growth of the industrial segment.
  • On a regional basis, APAC is looking to have a dominant share of market revenue and a consistent CAGR throughout the forecasted period. In 2020, Asia Pacific held approximately 33.2% of the power tools market. Furthermore, parameters such as the expanding manufacturing industry and rising automotive sales. And rising urbanization in this region is a prominent factor driving market growth in the APAC region. Furthermore, the an ongoing increase in government initiatives to improve various infrastructure development and manufacturing facilities in countries. Such as India, China, and Japan are fueling the overall market growth in this region.


Expanding reception of force apparatuses in the auto and development industry is expected to drive their interest throughout the following seven years. The car creation and sequential construction systems include a ton of securing positions. Power apparatuses help decrease the time related to these excess errands, giving expanded effectiveness. Consequently, power devices are progressively involved by vehicle makers as well as the maintenance and support specialist co-ops in the car business. Also, the developing utilization of drills, sanders, torques and different apparatuses in the development area is enlarging the interest in these apparatuses.

Power apparatuses are acquiring fame in family applications attributable to their simple operability and simplicity of portability. The developing pattern of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) exercises has brought about expanded requests from family clients. For example, Bosh Power Apparatuses offers extraordinary Bosch Assurance, including incorporating a turn control grip in rotating hammer penetrates and restarting security in point processors. Such elements help lessen injury chances related to items and help in the reception of force devices in family applications.

Mechanical headways are another variable affecting the development of the market. Organizations are presenting mechanically progressed items to improve the productivity of their items. For example, the Flexvolt battery presented by Dewalt naturally switches battery voltage depending on the device you appended. A programmed voltage switch helps change the power before utilizing different corded power devices. Additionally, in January 2019, Bosch Power Devices presented the X-Lock point processor lock interface. The changing framework for processors discharges wheels with only a draw of a switch and helps in wiping out the utilization of different devices.

Notwithstanding mechanical developments, the rising reception of cordless instruments that give simple portability and no outer power source is driving the market development.

The wrenches portion is expected to develop at a sound CAGR from 2020 to 2027. Compared with conventional wrenches, a power wrench decreases a ton of time and manual endeavors in securing compared with customary wrenches. The computerization of creation offices is a significant supporter of the development of the portion.

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