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Seven Delicious Cocktails You Can Make With Passionfruit Gin

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When you think of tropical drinks, lemon, pineapple, and lime often come to mind. However, passion fruits are another perfect way to get that citrusy zing in your cocktail. It has this refreshing, delicious taste, especially when paired with a nice crisp liquor such as gin. To truly appreciate its tropical flavour, here are seven delicious passionfruit gin cocktails you should try this summer. 

1. Passionfruit gin fizz

This is a classic cocktail that’s light, refreshing and bubbly. You will need only four ingredients: passionfruit gin, a sweetener such as sugar syrup, soda water, and lemon juice. Some recipes call for egg whites, but you can make it without them. If you include the egg white, dry shake it with no ice to create a frothy topping. 

2. Passionfruit gin and tonic

This simple, satisfying drink is a warm, romantic drink. It is easy to make, has a crisp, sharp taste and can be made with two ingredients: your gin and tonic. Since you only use two ingredients, the alcohol does all the work, and this gin won’t let you down. Serve it over ice for a fresh summer drink. 

3. French 75

This drink is named after a french field gun used in the first world war because it packs quite a punch. It uses smaller amounts of spirits, so the fizziness shines, though. You will need some gin, orange liquor, sugar, lemon juice and fizz of your choice. Mix the gin, liquor and lemon juice in a champagne flute and top it off with fizz. 

4. Bramble

Gin is an important part of any bramble cocktail. That’s why using an alternative to straight gin, such as passionfruit gin, can take this drink to the next level. To make your cocktail, you will need your preferred gin, lemon juice, creme de mure, sugar syrup, berries, or lemon zesty to garnish.  

5. Gimlet

A gimlet is a balanced sour drink that’s complex, elegant and strong. It doesn’t require much: just your preferred gin, lime and some cordial. Stir the ingredients together, pour into a glass and garnish with a lemon slice.

6. A Gin Martini

Martinis are another simple classic cocktail made with only two ingredients: a gin or vodka base and vermouth. The classic martini is made with a gin base, but over time the vodka version has become synonymous with this drink. The great thing about a martini is there are many different ways to make the classic drink meaning you can experiment with different types of gin.   

7. Negroni

This three-ingredient orange peel-topped gin cocktail is refreshingly bitter and easy to make. This gin drink has encouraged frenzied experimentation for over a century as more gin flavours emerge. Its one-to-one ratio of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari is great on its own, or you can tweak it as you prefer. By using passionfruit gin, you add a pop of fruity taste that perfectly balances with the other ingredients. 

Passion fruits taste like a mixture of peaches, mangoes and pineapples; that’s why they make great tropical cocktails. As a gin flavour, you get all that when you use it in your cocktails. Try these simple recipes today.

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