How to learn Quran

The Essential Guide to How to Learn Quran

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Quran is a beautiful book that has been revealed to humanity. It’s full of wisdom, guidance and guidance for life. If you want to learn how to learn Quran yourself then read this guide.

Set the right goals

The first step to learning Quran is setting goals.

Setting the right goals is even more important than the actual act of memorizing the verses. Because it will help you stay motivated and focused on your goal. The most common mistake when starting out with Quran is setting impossible or unrealistic expectations for yourself. For example, if you want to memorize 50 pages per day for five days straight then that’s just not going happen. You need some flexibility in your learning program so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming or frustrating. Otherwise, all those great intentions will go down the drain before they even begin!

The second thing I’d like to mention about setting goals is that sometimes people think they can get away with not having any specific plans at all when it comes down specifically how their studies should go (and here again we run into one more important point: don’t set too many goals at once). There’s nothing wrong with taking small steps towards achieving bigger ones over time–but don’t let yourself get sidetracked by other things while doing so either!

Listen to Quran regularly

  • Listen to Quran regularly.
  • Listen to Quran in the company of others.
  • Listen with an understanding heart, humility and patience.

Utilize all of your senses during learning.

Using all of your senses is crucial when learning the Quran. This comprises:

  • Absorbing the sound of words being said, either live or on a CD.
  • Observing written words and experiencing them in your hand.
  • Smelling the words on the screen or in print (taste).
How to learn Quran
How to learn Quran

Recite Quran with tajweed

Recitation with tajweed is the best way to learn Quran. Tajweed is a set of rules that help you recite the Qur’an correctly and helps you understand its meaning better.

The most important thing about tajweed is that it helps you to pronounce words properly. So they have their correct meanings in Arabic and not English or any other language. For example: if there are two letters in a word such as ‘Alif’, one letter may be pronounced as ‘A’ while another letter could be pronounced as ‘L’. If these two letters were written down together. Then they would make up an entire sentence but when we say them out loud together (without any spaces between them) then they mean something completely different!

Learn the meaning of the words you recite

One of the most important things you should do is learn the meaning of the words you recite. This means memorizing them and knowing what they mean in Arabic grammar. If you’re reading a word that has multiple meanings. It’s best to go with whichever one makes sense based on context (i.e., “I am hungry” can mean either “I’m starving” or “there’s nothing left in my stomach”).

It’s also helpful to know how to read Arabic so that when someone asks if something is true or false. For example, you’ll know whether or not it really is true!

Memorize Quran

One of the most important parts of the study of Quran is memorization. Memorizing the words and meanings of a Surah will make it easier to understand and memorize other verses, as well as help you learn how to read more accurately.

The best way to memorize Quran is by reciting aloud every day until you can recite it without error in front of others who are listening. This will take time, but if you’re serious about learning Quran then this step is essential!

To make sure that your recitation sounds correct when read aloud (i ntroduction) or listened too (es sential commentary), we recommend using Tajweed (the style used by Arabic speakers). It’s easy enough for anyone who knows Arabic or even just has some basic knowledge about pronunciation rules: just listen closely when someone reads something out loud so that they don’t mess up any syllables; then repeat after them verbatim until you catch on!

Learning how to learn Quran is essential for anyone wishing to become more religious.

Quran is the most important book in Islam and it can be said that Learn Quranic Recitation will help you understand the religion better. If you want to memorize Quran, then do so only after understanding its meaning first because memorizing without knowing what words mean or how they are used will only make your knowledge superficial at best.


I hope that this guide has helped you reach some of your goals. You can use these tips to learn how to become more religious, but they don’t have to be used only in that context. You might find them helpful when trying any skill at all!

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