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Things to know about the SAT exam pattern and syllabus

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SAT is known to be Scholastic Assessment Test will be a standardized test used by most common US universities for their admission process. Thus, SAT evaluates the candidates based on their skills such as mathematics, evidence-based reading, and writing. The candidate must know the exam pattern and syllabus before taking or preparing for the test.

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Of course, around 3 million students take the SAT every year to get admission to the top universities in the US. The candidates should be acquainted with the SAT, syllabus, paper format, covers subjects, and so on. The sat exam pattern has been divided into three sections: reading, writing, and mathematics. In addition, there may also have essay writing that is optional to the candidates, which the College Board discontinued.

Keep reading the post, and you get more details about exam patterns and syllabus. Let’s see,

Various updates of SAT syllabus

As per the latest update of the SAT syllabus, the SAT subject test and then SAT optional essay are discontinued and now reduced the duration of the exam by 50 minutes. Then the exam is currently only for 3 hours duration. The various types of SAT exams are the general exam and the SAT subject exam. In addition, the SAT available exam is seeking admission to the American University.

  • SAT General test: This exam will measure various general readinesses of the candidates applying to college and more ability to solve different fundamental problems in mathematics and languages. The SAT syllabus assesses the candidates’ written, verbal, and mathematical skills generally used by undergraduate colleges for admission. The syllabus for the General test assesses a candidate depending on their general knowledge and critical reasoning.


  • SAT subject test: it aims to assess the students based on their skill in various subjects they choose as their specialization. Of course, colleges use the SAT subject test for admission and course placement.

A detailed explanation of the SAT exam syllabus for the Indian students

The SAT exam syllabus consists of three main sections like

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

These are the central part of the syllabus for the Indian students who need to take the SAT exam for college admission in the US. The various sections are briefly explained below.


This is why the English proficiency of the candidates will be measured, and they need to score between 200 to 800. The reading part of this section is 65 minutes long and then comes up with 52 MCQs depending on the five passages. The sat exam syllabus for Indian student sin the reading test is known to be one passage from the work of sociology, economics, psychology, and then other kinds of social science.

And then, the one or two passages from the text are a significant global conversation, and the topics may focus on various ways like human dignity, freedom, justice, and so on. In addition, there is one literary passage from the work of fiction. At last, two passages from the scientific works determine the foundational concept of chemistry, physics, biology, and so on.


This section comes up with 35 minutes and then have 44 MCQs that need to be answered depending upon four passage. It will test the candidates’ ability to analyze the body of the passage and rectify the error. To attend the section, you need to have superior knowledge of spelling, grammar, and the formal construction of the sentence.


This section may take 80 minutes and then be compromised with 58 questions to evaluate the applicant’s mathematical reasoning. The score range is between 200 and 8-00, and then 45 questions will be multiple choice questions. Then the remainder of 13 consists of a grid in question, and candidates need to answer the question by circling the appropriate number and then solve the problem. This section is divided into two ways, with and without a calculator.

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