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Why OnePlus TV 43 Inch is the Smart Choice For Your Home?

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The development of technology in smartphones, refrigerators, and other appliances has seen similar traction of advancements in the smart TV market. As a result of the introduction of smart TVs into the entertainment industry, we are experiencing better and more immersive entertainment as we can now watch OTT content, stream music, or even use our smart TVs for playing games. 

Therefore, every home needs to purchase a good-quality TV from a reputable brand such as OnePlus. OnePlus smart television on EMI is available for buyers in the Indian market in various screen sizes such as 32 Inch, 43 Inch, 50 Inch and 55 Inch. OnePlus TV WITH 43 Inch screen size is the most popular among various screen sizes, and the OnePlus 43 Inch TV Price is also affordable compared to other smart TV brands.

Features of OnePlus 43-Inch TV

Vivid 4K Ultra HD Display

OnePlus TV has a high-quality 4K Ultra HD display that offers users extraordinary clarity and incredible visual detail that transforms their viewing experience. Additionally, users can experience over a billion colours in the 10-bit colour depth feature, offering breathtaking colour accuracy in every frame thanks to a 10-bit colour depth feature.

 Gamma Engine with MEMC

OnePlus TV 43 Inch price also includes the Gamma Engine feature that enables users to enjoy real-time image quality while creating ultra-clear content with dynamic contrast and vibrant colours, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. As a bonus, MEMC technology can also enhance fast-moving scenes to appear smoother and more realistic. As a result, the OnePlus TV’s display is designed to deliver a clear, smooth, and immersive viewing experience.

Smarter TV Experience

A smart home entertainment hub powered by the secure and reliable Android TV 10.0 platform; the OnePlus TV provides users with a seamless TV experience. Users can control the new OnePlus TVs with the help of the Google Assistant function integrated into the Android TV. The OnePlus TV also has a special ALLM feature that allows users to enjoy faster and more interesting gaming experiences. Furthermore, as part of the smarter TV experience, the OnePlus TV offers Google Duo and MultiCast support, an upgrade from previous models. 

OnePlus Buds Connectivity

With the new OnePlus TV, you can connect any OnePlus Buds device to your TV. The new OnePlus TVs will prompt users to connect to their OnePlus Buds. The “connect” button on your TV automatically connects your headphones, giving you a sensational audio experience. In addition, if the earphones are taken out of the ear in the OnePlus Buds and OnePlus Buds Pro, then the TV will automatically pause, and you can resume watching once your earphones are back on.

OnePlus Watch Connectivity

Users can enjoy a seamless experience with the OnePlus Watch and OnePlus TV. They can turn on and off their OnePlus TV using their OnePlus Watch after connecting to it. If the OnePlus Watch senses the user is falling asleep, the Smart Sleep Control feature will shut down the OnePlus TV within seconds. Users can also navigate through content, manage the TV volume, and adjust other settings with a click on their wrist. 

 Connectivity with OnePlus Connect 2.0

OnePlus TV 43 Inch price includes OnePlus Connect 2.0 software to connect their smartphones to their OnePlus TV. The OnePlus TV utilizes the novel smart features of the OnePlus Connect software to allow users to control their TV from their smartphones. Users can connect to five devices simultaneously using the OnePlus TV. 

Mobile users can now use OnePlus Connect features without relying on Wi-Fi or data connections to manage TV, cast local movies, or manage their phones without relying on Wi-Fi or data. With OnePlus Connect 2.0, users can also control their data usage on their OnePlus TV by regularly limiting network bandwidth or video resolutions based on their data preferences and monitoring their TV’s data consumption via the OnePlus Connect app.

OxygenPlay 2.0

OxygenPlay 2.0 is a platform for discovering movies and series from notable content partners, enabling consumers to access content effortlessly. In addition, with OxygenPlay 2.0, users can access over 230 live channels on their OnePlus TVs and keep up with the latest news and sports updates.

Cinematic Sound

With the OnePlus TV powered by Dolby Audio, users can immerse themselves in their favourite shows in a cinematic sound experience. At the same time, the surround system will provide a crystal-clear listening experience. OnePlus TV 43 Inch price includes two full-range speakers with a combined output of 24W, so customers can enjoy every beat and rhythm without missing a beat. In addition, the OnePlus TV’s bezel-less design allows users to enjoy their favourite content with a boundless viewing experience.

The Ideal Way of Purchasing latest TVs Online

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