Best places to visit for couples in Dubai

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Dubai is a dream destination for couples. There are many romantic places in Dubai that you can visit with your partner. If you are looking for some amazing things to do with your partner and want the best places to visit, then the following list would be helpful for you, lets start!

Madinat Jumeirah  

Madinat Jumeirah, which is located on the coast of Dubai, is one of the best places to visit for couples in Dubai. The resort offers a man-made beach and lagoon, as well as many other attractions such as swimming pools and restaurants. There are also many romantic ways to spend time here including a beautiful sunset dinner on their man-made island or getting married at their wedding villa.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

If you want to see the desert, there’s no better way than an overnight desert safari. The tour takes you through the sand dunes on a 4WD vehicle and you’ll have plenty of time for photos. You’ll also get a chance to see Dubai’s skyline from another angle and experience something rather unique: watching your dinner being prepared by a chef in front of your eyes!

The tour itself can be enjoyed by couples or small groups, but if you’re traveling with kids, we recommend taking them along for an adventure they won’t soon forget.

Romantic Date on a Yacht

A yacht is a luxury boat, usually rented by the hour or day. You can find yachts at many marinas around Dubai, including The Palm and Atlantis Marina. You can also book online with a travel agency in Dubai who offer complete tour package from pickup to  drop services.   

Yachts are great for romantic dates because they allow you to enjoy being together while also offering some privacy from other people around you. When booking a yacht, make sure that there’s enough space for both of you to walk around comfortably without bumping into each other or knocking things over with your arms and legs (you don’t want to end up in a situation where one person has their back against the wall).

Most yachts have showers and toilets onboard so don’t worry about needing any clean clothes after getting wet on your date! Most yachts can seat 6-12 people comfortably depending on size and capacity restrictions set by each company offering these services

Romantic Dinner on Dhow Cruise Creek

If you’re looking to take your date on a romantic dinner cruise, look no further than the Dhow Cruise Creek. This vessel is the perfect way to see Dubai from the water, giving you the best possible view of this beautiful city. As it moves along on its journey through Dubai Creek, you’ll be able to marvel at its sites and sky-high buildings. Plus, at night time when all of these structures are lit up in their full glory, it makes for a truly magical experience!

There’s no better way—if not only because of its great view—to experience Dubai from another perspective!

Dubai Shopping Mall

You will also find the Dubai Aquarium, where you can enjoy a relaxing moment admiring over one million marine animals. You can even see Dolphins and Stingrays in the aquarium. To get there, take Sheikh Zayed road out of Burj Khalifa. At Exit 20 follow Al Wasl Road for about 5 kilometers until you reach the mall on your right hand side. It is located at: Down Town Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai Marina – Downtown Dubai – Next to Mall Of Emirates – Behind Emirates Towers Hotel. It’s a pretty much popular place, therefore you won’t face any issue to reach this destination. 

Go for Romantic Limo Ride in Dubai

A romantic limo ride is one of the best ways to spend time with your partner while in Dubai. Limos are luxurious vehicles that allow you to sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride while seeing the city from a different perspective. You can choose from many different types of limos, such as classic cars, SUVs and party buses. If you want extra perks like flowers, champagne or chocolates delivered to your destination, consider adding them onto your booking.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is a romantic experience that’s not to be missed. While you’re up in the air, you’ll get some pretty amazing views of the desert and cityscape below. The breathtaking view will make you feel like you’re on top of the world – and that’s only one reason why hot air balloon rides are so great! Hot air ballooning isn’t just romantic; it’s also good for your health and can reduce stress levels as well as lower blood pressure. If you want to fly through Dubai with your sweetheart but aren’t sure where to go, here are some suggestions:

  • Sky Dive Dubai at Gharaffa Hotel & Resort – This is an excellent place if you want to take a hot air balloon ride with friends or family members who don’t want a private trip just yet (or ever). You’ll enjoy stunning panoramic views from 3,200 feet above sea level while enjoying fresh mountain air in addition to some delicious breakfast made by their chef before heading back down again safely onto solid ground once more!
  • Oasis Park Hotel – Located near Al Qudra Road AED15 from Surrey Suites Apartments this hotel has great facilities including tennis courts alongside swimming pools which would be perfect for both adults looking for something new during their stay here too children who may need something fun after spending time travelling together on holiday abroad together.”

Dubai is a great place to visit with your partner.

Dubai is a great place to visit with your partner. There are many things you can do together in Dubai, such as shopping at the malls, eating out at restaurants, going on a romantic date or taking walks along the beachfront where you can sit and appreciate this beautiful city. All these activities are sure to make your trip memorable for both of you!


These are just some of the romantic activities you can enjoy with your partner in Dubai. Make sure to plan well and have fun!

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