Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade BB-104

Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade BB-104

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BB-104 Basalt Horogium Beyblade is a new Beyblade from Takara Tomy that features a body made of volcanic basalt. It comes with two light launchers and a forbidden bay that is a must have for any Beyblade enthusiast. Its powerful shooter can reach up to 900 meters and can also be customized.

Body and shooter

Using a BB-104 Basalt Horogium Beyblade, you can spin for hours. This beyblade can also be used to knock out a foe. It also has one of the best Stamina Bottoms available. This bey will not defend against any newer Attack parts, though.  For buying Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade BB-104 (Twisted Tempo 145WD) Metal Masters РWith Launcher you can visit https://beystation.com/products/basalt-horogium-beyblade-bb-104-twisted-tempo-145wd

The Horogium Clear Wheel has some interesting characteristics, such as the screw metal wheel, an irregular weight distribution, and the fact that it is shaped like a gear. It was first released as a grayish blue colored wheel, and has white Roman numerals on it. It is not a part that you will likely need in your collection. You may even be able to use it in your Attack or Stamina customs.

Basalt’s most impressive feat is probably the fact that it can be used in a custom MF-H Basalt Bull BD145MB/CS. This Beyblade was released as a Starter on February 26, 2011 in Japan. It was also released with a Snipe Launcher.

Stamina ability

Whether you are looking for a defense or attack, a beyblade with Stamina ability is one of the best parts of a Beyblade to choose. The Stamina ability of the Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade BB-104 is one of the best in the game.

Basalt is a wheel with unmatched Stamina. Its wheel ruts have more defense than most other wheels, and they are effective against attack types. The wheel has a perfect circle, so you can hit an opponent without hurting your own stamina. The wheel has a recoil that reduces the rotation speed of your opponent. The wheel is also relatively wide, making it more stable and effective at attacking.

It is not the best stamina wheel, but it is not the worst either. If you are not looking for the best wheel in the game, Basalt Horogium 145WD Metal Wheel is an acceptable alternative.

Spiral Dimension

Until recently, Basalt was the heaviest Metal Wheel to hit the scene. Its weight was the envy of many competitors. However, Basalt is now a little bit lighter than the competition, making it an ideal candidate for a defense type Beyblade.

While Basalt does not have the highest possible stats, it is still one of the best Metal Wheels to customize. It is a circular Metal Wheel that has sets of indents around its circumference. There is also a small chunk of metal missing inside the perimeter of the wheel. However, it is not a critical part, so Basalt should not be your first choice. In fact, you should only consider buying this Beyblade if you cannot get any other preferred alternative.

The most impressive feature of Basalt is its Stamina. This Metal Wheel has one of the best Stamina stats of any Beyblade in its class. The Spiral Dimension’s name may be a mouthful, but it has the capability to spin forever without stopping.

Spiral Staircase of Death

Using Beyblade data from the Beyblade World Championship, Dr. Ziggurat created the Spiral Dimension Bey, a Beyblade that can spin forever without stopping. The Spiral Dimension Bey is the newest entrant in the Beyblade arena and can prove a worthy contender to the competition.

The Spiral Dimension Bey is one of the most interesting and functional Beyblades to date and is a must own for fans of the Blade Runner series. This Beyblade also comes with a Light Launcher 2 and a Snipe Launcher. The Spiral Dimension Bey is also the cheapest Beyblade to be found in any Beyblade retailer. You can find this Beyblade for as low as HK$500. This Beyblade is a perfect fit for any collection and is a must have for any Beyblade fan.


Among Metal Wheels, Basalt is the heaviest Wheel released. However, with its recoil, the Wheel’s rotation speed is reduced, which can cause it to knock out an opponent. However, Basalt’s Stamina is impressive in battle.

It is also considered one of the best Metal Wheels for Defense customizations. It is the widest Bottom in the “Defense” series, and has a lot of advantages. However, its precession times are abnormally long, which makes it wobble at a bigger angle than D.

However, its weight and imbalance are not major hindrances to its usefulness. Basalt can be used in custom MF-H Basalt Bull BD145MB/CS, which can make it an excellent Bottom for Defense. In addition, the Wheel’s Stamina can be used in Stamina combos, so it is also a good choice for Attack customizations.

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