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Takara Tomy Gravity Perseus Beyblade BB-80 Review

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Among the various Beyblade series, the Takara Tomy Gravity Perseus Beyblade BB-80 is one of the most popular. It is available in two different versions, which are the Wide Defense (WD) and the Attack type. The main difference between the two is that the WD model can attack and defend in two different ways, while the Attack type can attack only and defend in one way.

Wide Defense (WD)

WD (Wide Defense) is the widest Performance tip in the Defense series of Beyblades. It is a good choice in a battle between Stamina types. It has several advantages, though it also has a few disadvantages. You can buy Takara Tomy Gravity Perseus Beyblade BB-80 (Destroyer AD145WD) – With String Launcher https://beystation.com/products/takara-tomy-gravity-perseus-beyblade-bb-80-destroyer-ad145wd.

While WD has a wide wobble, it also has a low spin rate. This allows for a longer wobble time. This allows WD to be knocked over easily by a weaker opponent.

WD is good in a battle with Stamina types because it is less susceptible to being knocked over. This is because it wobbles at a lower spin rate than SD. The low spin rate can also be advantageous in a battle between Stamina and Attack types. It can also be used to knock out an opponent’s beyblade.

Attack type wheel

Among the many Beyblades that have been released, the Takara Tomy Gravity Perseus Beyblade BB-80 is one of the more interesting. It features a unique energy ring which is a big deal for the Gravity Perseus beyblade line.

The Energy Ring has some cool features such as reducing contact points when you’re in “Counter” mode, and increasing metal on plastic contact. The ring also boasts a mode change gimmick.

The Destroyer Energy Ring is a clever bit of kit that can switch between Defense Mode and Counter Mode. The best part about this gimmick is that it is compatible with other Destroyer Energy Rings. The ring has some cool features as well, such as stubby protrusions lining the inside. The ring also boasts the requisite number of stubs, which can be a real pain when trying to connect other Energy Rings.

Characteristics of the wheel

Among the more hefty Beyblades in the Metal Masters series, the Takara Tomy Gravity Perseus Beyblade BB-80 ranks high on the defense front. This Beyblade is not only a strong defender, but it is also dual-spin capable. It also boasts one of the most unique Beyblade tracks. This is why it is a must-have for any serious Beyblade enthusiast.

The Gravity is a heavy duty beyblade that features a large wheel like design with three curved pockets for the fanciest of attacks. Its curved shape provides it with the largest number of contact points of any wheel in the line, while its spherical design allows it to spin in both directions. It also boasts a high number of attack and defense capabilities, as well as a number of clever tricks that keep the whole thing balanced and on track.


Using a launcher for Takara Tomy Gravity Perseus Beyblade BB-80 is a great way to get some multi-directional spin out of your Beyblade. The launcher cap has words for “left spin” and “right spin” and you can spin it either way when you launch it. It also features a face bolt that depicts Greek hero Perseus.

The Gravity Perseus Beyblade is a unique Beyblade. It’s a dual-spin Beyblade with a W heel and a track. It is part of the Metal Masters series, which is a series of Beyblades that can be spun both left and right when launched. It comes with instructions and a track.

The Gravity Perseus also has a special move, called Face Bolt, which shows Perseus in front of a Greek gladiator helmet. In order to activate it, you must use the Gravity Fusion Wheel with a Destroyer Energy Ring.

Repairing decal stickers

Whether you’re looking for a new Beyblade or looking for some cheap Beyblade upgrades, you can save a bundle by purchasing Takara Tomy products online. In addition to being a trusted manufacturer, they have some of the best customer service in the business. They also offer a number of promotions and discounts, which will help you save money while still enjoying some of the best Beyblades on the planet.

As far as Beyblades go, the Gravity Perseus BB-80 is probably the most popular of the lot, especially in Western countries. The Gravity Perseus BB-80 has all the necessary offensive parts, and comes with a special L-R BeyLauncher. In addition, it contains the sexiest looking decal stickers imaginable.

The Gravity Perseus is a bit more complicated to play with, especially if you’re new to the game. However, if you’re a veteran Beyblade aficionado, you’ll appreciate the fact that this Beyblade is a well made and very functional steed.

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