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What Is Kickboxing?

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Kickboxing is a form of combat that is focused on kickboxing, punching, and defending oneself. This sport is usually practiced in a boxing ring with sparring partners. It requires protective equipment such as mouthguards or boxing gloves. Although it can be used for general fitness and for competition, it is typically used for self-defense.

Lessons learned

Kickboxing is an excellent way to keep your body, mind and spirit moving. It offers numerous benefits to health including improved confidence, coordination, massive calorie burning, better posture, and increased confidence. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. Kickboxing teaches valuable lessons about the world. It helps you learn and inspires you to never stop learning.

It isn’t always easy but it’s a fantastic sport. It takes a lot of practice to master several different skillsets and techniques. You can improve your balance and abilities by focusing on one aspect at a given time. Furthermore, if you practice regularly, you’ll benefit from many health benefits and social benefits. However, you have to find the appropriate instructors, mentors, and colleagues to assist you in learning kickboxing.

Kickboxing is an excellent exercise for anyone of all ages. It is a great workout for all ages, women and men. You will learn how to move your body and be as efficient as you can with the help of your instructors. It is also beneficial to know how to defend yourself in the situation of an emergency.


The Rules of Kickboxing govern kickboxing and its competitions. The first rule states that all matches must be held in an ring for boxing. The rules also stipulate that in full-contact kickboxing an opponent must compete against another opponent in the same weight class. Additionally all fighters must use gloves.

Kickboxing targets the head. Head kicks are the most effective method for striking opponents. The ring should be at minimum five feet by seven feet in diameter. The dimensions of the ring vary from one organization to another however, the size should be roughly equivalent to the size of a boxing ring. Kickboxers also need to wear protective gear, including foot pads and gloves. The gloves should be comfortably fitted. To guard your legs from bruises, you can also use footpads.

Kickboxing matches run for around three minutes. They are broken into three-minute rounds, with a minute of rest in between. The aim of the fight, if achieved, is to knockout the opponent. In the event that it doesn’t occur, the fighter has to stop the fight and seek medical attention.

The Rules of kickboxing differ from those in mixed martial arts (MMA).. This allows fighters to be more aggressive and fast on counterattacks.

Kickboxing is a well-known combat sport in the USA. In 1970, Joe Lewis made his first kickboxing fight. He took on an opponent from the Kenpo fighter named Greg Baines. Lee Faulkner promoted the fight. Lewis won the second round via KO. The popularity of kickboxing has increased in the United States and Japan, though the sport has been marginalized by MMA sports.


Kickboxing can be described as an array of different punching techniques. Many of these techniques are inspired by boxing. The most basic are the jab, straight/cross, and uppercut. A kickboxer can also employ the hook to entrap his opponent. He can throw his right hand at the opponent’s neck with his hook.

Kickboxing isn’t just about punching and striking, but also involves many different techniques for kicking. Basic kicks include the leg/low kick, straight/cross kick and the uppercut. The more advanced kicks include the backfist that spins as well as the superman kick and the axe kick..Kickboxing maidstone

When learning kickboxing, it is important that you must also consider distance. It is crucial to understand that the distance you kick at will impact the amount of energy you spend.. You’ll need to work hard and master the basics to be able to determine the correct distance.

Kickboxing was originally developed in Japan in the 1950s as a mixture of karate & muay Thai. The sport has grown to other countries and regions since then, including North America. In the 1980s, kickboxing established its own governance bodies in both Europe and North America.

. It is a description of two fighters who box with kicks, headbutts, and a mix of both. It was a popular art that spread across the Indosphere, and has been an influence on many other martial arts in Southeast Asia.

Health benefits

Kickboxing is a form of aerobic exercise that can ease stress. Kickboxing can trigger neurotransmitters in the brain, creating a chain reaction by repeated movements. This is similar to runners’ high. The intense physical exercise can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Kickboxing also improves your memory and sharpness. It improves your focus, balance, and coordination. Research has proven that kickboxing enhances brain function. It improves memory as well as balance, spatial awareness and other brain functions. Kickboxing can improve your self-esteem. Kickboxing can be an excellent way to exercise without feeling depleted or resentful.

There are other health benefits, such as an increase in energy. Kickboxing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises, because it utilizes the entire body to blast fat and build muscle. Because you sweat out toxins and breathe deeply, it boosts your energy level. It’s also fun.

Kickboxing is also a great method of burning calories. According to an American Council for Exercise San Diego study one who weighs 135 lbs can burn between 350 and 452 calories during an hour-long kickboxing class. Moreover, kickboxers tend to have lower body fat percentages than other people.


The cost of kickboxing can be a major obstacle for newbies. It’s not expensive, but you need to be aware of what you are getting into. Here are some guidelines to help you determine the most affordable cost. Find out the current gym’s fees.

Some kickboxing studios offer packages of sessions at discounts. A package of 20 sessions typically costs $275. You can also subscribe to an online kickboxing subscription.  The price for either subscription will be less than an annual membership.

You can also purchase kickboxing equipment. Based on the kickboxing classes you’re taking, you might not require equipment. If you require specialized equipment, your instructor will inform you. If they don’t have the right equipment, they’ll suggest alternative options that are less expensive.


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