CareLogic vs. Elation: 2022 In-Depth Comparison

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It can be difficult to run a healthcare business, especially when you are responsible for all administrative tasks and patient care. You need to find a way that automates your clinical and administrative tasks, so you can concentrate on giving the best care possible to your patients. This software can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your practice by storing electronic medical records (EMR). 

These IT-driven healthcare IT tools enable healthcare professionals to have real-time access and analysis of patient data, allowing them to prevent medical errors and provide more accurate diagnosis. CareLogic EHR, and Elation EHR are two of the most widely used EMR tools. They offer powerful features that allow physicians to automate their daily tasks and maintain patient records. Although they have some common features, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

We will be comparing CareLogic EHR and Elation EHR. This will allow you to compare features, costs, overall design, and make the best decision for your healthcare company. 

CareLogic EHR vs. Elation: An Overview 

Qualifacts CareLogic EHR software is a cloud-based solution designed for human services and behavioral health organizations. The highly configurable software supports residential, mobile, inpatient and outpatient care settings. The software offers many features that can be used to streamline workflows and improve revenue results. There are many modules in the software that can help providers build stronger rships with patients. CareLogic EHR reviews indicate that the software provides a variety of reporting options to provide providers with real-time insight into their practice’s performance. This customizable system can be tailored to suit users’ needs. To experience CareLogic EHR in action, book a demo. 

EMR, a highly-rated electronic medical record solution, offers powerful features and services that can help doctors improve their healthcare outcomes. Cloud-based systems allow clinicians to streamline their daily operations and improve workflow efficiency. Healthcare organizations can manage their administrative workload and revenue cycle efficiently without having to use too many resources. RCM solutions allow for faster collection and prompt reimbursements. The software integrates seamlessly with pharmacies, laboratories, and other RCM system users. Elation EMR demo available to receive a quick overview of the software’s functions. 

Comparison of Features 

Two popular IT platforms for healthcare are CareLogic EHR software and Elation EMR. Most healthcare companies will consider both of them before making a decision. Although they are both designed to help physicians automate their clinical workflows and improve patient care, there are some differences between them that you need to be aware of before choosing the right tool for your organization. Let’s dive in! 

CareLogic EHR Salient Features 

CareLogic EHR software reviews have shown that it has many innovative features that can help behavioral health professionals tackle clinical problems and improve workflow efficiency. 

Performance Dashboards: This software lets users share real-time information across departments in order to increase productivity and identify areas for improvement. To learn more, request a CareLogic EHR demo. 

E-Prescribing: is a CareLogic feature that allows doctors to electronically send information to pharmacies when a patient submits a refill request. They can also check for drug-to drug or drug-to allergy interactions and save time. 

Clinical Quality Measures reporting: This electronic health record platform includes CQM dashboards and reports to help drive improvement in patient care and healthcare outcomes. 

Booking Appointments: The front desk staff can streamline the appointment scheduling process with Qualifacts CareLogic EHR software. They can view patient details and schedule or reschedule patients in a matter of seconds. 

Elation EHR Salient Features 

Elation EMR reviews confirm that the software is able to improve patient care and operational health in practices by its features. 

Health Analytics: This software consolidates data tables into a single space that allows for data-driven decisions and valuable insights into the performance of practices. 

Integrated RCM: Healthcare providers can automate all of their billing and payment tasks including account receivables and deposit posting, rejection tracking and payment-payroll statement sorting. This will improve revenue outcomes. 

Reporting: Elation EMR software gives providers, staff members, and other healthcare professionals a detailed view of financial and other metrics. You can also view graphs and charts using customizable dashboards to get more detailed business and patient health information. 

Patient Portal: Patients can participate in their care more actively through the software’s patient portal. This feature allows providers to increase their interaction with patients both in and outside of the hospital. It also supports electronic messaging, visit summaries and educational content. 

Pricing: CareLogic vs. Elation 

Elation and CareLogic have not made their pricing information public. You can contact the vendors to get their pricing information or submit a request. Carelogic has a custom pricing plan that is determined based on number of users. Elation EHR reviews indicate that it is reasonably priced and offers a cost-effective pricing structure. 

Bottom line 

In an industry with many variations, both CareLogic and Elation make excellent EMR products. Both are quality products that help improve financial performance and healthcare outcomes. These products are flexible solutions that can be used by healthcare companies with repetitive, complex administrative processes. There are differences in the overall design and features of each product. To make an informed decision and to ensure you are making the right choice, it is important that you carefully assess your practice’s needs. Before you make any investment in either of these platforms, we recommend that your research be thorough and that you read CareLogic EHR or Elation EHR reviews. 


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