Online Money Transfer to Ghana Made Easy – Learn How!

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Are you an expatriate from Ghana who has difficulty finding the best way to send money to Ghana from overseas? ACE Money Transfer is at your service with the best facilities for sending money to Ghana from anywhere around the world! There’s a surprise for you during September-2022 if you choose ACE Money Transfer for your cross-border transactions.

It is now easier for Ghanaian expatriates to send their precious hard-earned money to their home country with the most straightforward steps. ACE Money Transfer brings its beneficiaries the greatest facilities for remittances. Send money to Ghana to the receiver’s account, all you have to do is sign up with ACE Money Transfer, and you’ll be presented with the most amazing remittance services at the best available prices. ACE’s services are available across Ghana and can be accessed with modern technology, i.e. any electronic device that can be used for sending money online.

If you are still worried about the safety and security of your precious money to reach your family or friends, worry not!

Safety and Security – First Priority for ACE Money Transfer

You can be assured that your money will reach the desired destination! Complete the transfer of your payment securely by using one of ACE’s verified payment channels. After you enter the desired amount and proceed to send money online, your money is immediately dispatched to Ghana in no time. 

ACE prioritises the motto, “Trust is earned when actions meet the word”. That is why ACE always performs at its finest by providing the safest, fastest and highest exchange rates for its beloved customers. As part of ACE’s professional services, they ensure that 100% safe and secure money transfer routes are used.

How Can I Transfer Money to Ghana?

ACE Money Transfer provides its services through various remittance methods that are entirely centred on the demands of its consumers and the conveniences of its recipients. Money transfer services are quick and fast, with easy techniques to assist consumers in getting started.

Money transfer services and perks that are quick and efficient for an online money transfer to Ghana are present at ACE Money Transfer. Select any of the following methods for your transfer:

Remittance Through Web Portal

You may use ACE’s web platform to transfer money to Ghana from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else, even if you have a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.

Using ACE’s Mobile Application

You can transfer money online to Ghana with ACE Money Transfer with just a few clicks. The ACE mobile app is a quick and easy method to transfer money using your smartphone or another electronic device, saving you time and energy. The application is available on both your android smartphones and IOS phones.

Mobile Top-up

Top-ups for mobile phones are also known as mobile airtime or recharge. It’s easy to transfer phone credit to a relative or friend’s prepaid mobile phone, allowing them to call, text, or surf the Internet depending on their phone company’s possibilities. Instantly add minutes to your loved ones’ prepaid mobile phones and share your affection towards your loved ones. Recharge a phone with ACE Money Transfer is now easier and simpler. Show your loved ones how much you care!

Digital Wallet

A virtual wallet that holds payment card information on a mobile device is known as a mobile wallet. Digital wallets are a convenient way for a consumer to make in-store purchases, and they may be utilised at merchants registered with the mobile wallet service provider. This approach is the quickest way to send money to Ghana. To use this service through mobile, you must provide accurate information such as your full legal name, cellphone number (including international call code), and address. Furthermore, when the cash arrives in Ghana, the beneficiary is notified by cellphone notification. As a result, the medium is stable and safe, but it also keeps the receiver updated.

Receiving the Money – Learn How!

ACE Money Transfer sends your money using the most secure ways. It may be picked up at any partner location or through the bank account. Some of the ways you can pick the received amount are as follows:

  • Immediate Cash Pick-ups

If you transfer money to Ghana via ‘Cash Pickup,’ the recipient can pick up cash from any partner banks’ branch locations nationwide. Simply instruct the receiver to present the 14-digit code and their original CNIC to any partner banks to pick up cash payments.

  • Bank Transfer

Recipients can collect funds exchanged from any of Ghana’s affiliated commercial banks promptly. The recipient may travel to any of the various partner banks, authenticate affiliation, and get money equal to the amount received on the receiving end. Following are the names of ACE Money Transfer’s connected money transfer firms and banks:

  • Tigo
  • Airtel Money
  • MTN
  • United Bank for Africa Ghana
  • First Atlantic Bank Ghana 
  • Bank of Africa Ghana

How to Sign Up for ACE Money Transfer’s Services?

Simply sign up with ACE to take advantage of their latest technologies and online money transfer services. You may use your Debit/Credit Card or Bank Account to send money online. Simply follow the instructions below for a quick, easy, safe, and secure online money transfer:

  • Sign Up

You can become a part of ACE’s family with just a few clicks! ACE will guide you through a simple and stress-free trip. Begin by selecting “Create your ACE Money Transfer Account.” ACE customers enjoy an uncomplicated and straightforward transaction experience, whether utilising our website or mobile app.

  • Jot Down Details

Fill in the beneficiary’s information to whom you want to transfer money.

  • Send the Desired Amount

Finish the transfer of your payment safely by using their verified money transfer service. Your money is sent to Ghana soon after you input the required amount and proceed to send money online.

What’s the Surprise?

You can win one of four brand new iPhone 13 Pro and let your beneficiaries get free airtime top-up of 10 Cedi. All you have to do to participate in the lucky draw for an iPhone 13 Pro is send money to Ghana online using ACE Money Transfer from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and other regions. It’s important to know that the remittances must be sent to AZA Finance to be received across Ghana through ACE Money Transfer because the reward is presented in collaboration with AZA Finance. Furthermore, the beneficiaries will require to receive at least 1000 Cedi remittances via AZA Finance or more to get a free airtime top-up of 10 Cedi.

With just a few simple and easy steps, you will be successful in the endeavours of the remittance journey. So, don’t wait and join ACE Money Transfer Now!

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