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Popular Royal Enfield Features You Need to Know

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When Royal Enfield Bullets were first introduced in the 1940s, they became famous for their unique capabilities as trial motorcycles. Indian Army soldiers heard this news and asked for rugged motorcycles that could withstand the harsh weather in some cramped places. The Royal Enfield Bullets were ordered in a quantity of 800. 

Royal Enfield decided to open a factory in India because of this. The tool kits and techniques for making bullets have been licensed in India. On the roads of the Indian subcontinent, a classic British motorcycle gradually became a naturalised hero.

It became synonymous with power and authority since it was associated with the army. The image grew stronger daily as people in power rode around proudly on their Bullets. Since then, the bike has developed a cult image, and today, Royal Enfield has the lowest advertising budget and still reports sales as it does. 

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Why it’s still popular today

Stable riding 

There is no doubt that Royal Enfield motorcycles are among the most planted around. The wind speeds hit by a Royal Enfield rider are insufficient to sway it around. Since almost every Enfield motorcycle weighs over 190 kilograms, with a rider weighing on average 78 kilograms, the motorcycles stay planted on the road with ease.

Ride performance 

When you don’t go all Rossi on the Royal Enfield, it’s sometimes like a sofa on wheels, and with leather-bound seats, it’s easier to ride. There’s a reason so many people around the world covet cruisers. This is paired with a low-end torque, which means you don’t have to change gears very often, resulting in a happy rider and passenger.

Classic look

Royal Enfields have that old-fashioned charm with their retro-styled looks and thumping single-cylinder engines. The Royal Enfield is a retro motorcycle in every sense, with its curvaceous design, chrome fittings, and hand-painted fuel tank.

It used to be that the Royal Enfield was an acquired taste until a few years ago. As new features, such as electric start, become available, the Royal Enfield is no longer out of reach. The Royal Enfield is now accessible to everyone. A new generation of technology has made it easier for riders to ride a Royal Enfield motorcycle.


Even though Royal Enfield motorcycles are sold as used ones, they demand close-to-market price. In the long run, a standard Royal Enfield 350 bought for Rs 1,30,000 will still sell for Rs 1 lakh considering proper maintenance and usage after five years. It is even more expensive for Enfields with cast iron engine blocks, sometimes exceeding the actual motorcycle price.

Made for Indian roads

It is simply astonishing how much presence there is on the road. Any Royal Enfield enthusiast can imagine how beautiful it would be to hear the resounding thump of the Indori Botal exhaust tail-pipe on an empty road during a lazy morning. A Royal Enfield will always attract attention, no matter your chosen model.

Fuel efficiency 

Yes, the fuel efficiency of retro cruisers is one of the biggest concerns of new buyers. Despite the larger engines of 350cc and 500cc on motorcycles, most vehicles get around 35kmpl despite their larger displacement. 35-40kmpl is an average fuel efficiency figure for a motorcycle unless it has not been adequately maintained.

Bulkier build 

The Royal Enfield features all-metal construction with fewer plastic parts than other motorcycles (except the Himalayan) as long as the motorcycle is appropriately maintained. It’s not a joke when you see Royal Enfield motorcycles on sale today that are at least 10-15 years old and still running.

Easy to customize 

Most Royal Enfield motorcycles on the road today have been customized in some way, whether it be full-fledged cruisers with double-sided panniers, windshields, auxiliary headlamps, exhaust tail-pipes, and so forth. Customizations are easy to do, so anyone can do them. It doesn’t matter who you avoid eye contact with on the roadside. Talking about the usual customizations here. Custom motorcycles from Royal Enfield are celebrated at a separate event.

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