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Top 5 3×3 Stickerless Magic Cubes

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Unlike the classic Rubik’s Cube, the 3×3 stickerless magic cube does not have a traditional sticker that can be glued to the board. Instead, this cube comes with a magnetic base that can be easily inserted and removed. This makes it a great choice for those who prefer a minimalistic design and are concerned about how to store the cube.

YJ Yulong V2M

YJ Yulong V2M 3×3 stickerless magic cube is an updated version of YJ YuLong M 3×3 speed cube from 2013. It is a budget friendly cube with a smooth rotation feel and moderate magnet strength. It also features slots for magnets and grooves of different depths on the inner side to help in corner cutting. It also uses a more advanced kick-out system to ensure that it rotates smoothly.

YJ Yulong V2M 3×3 is an excellent first cube to own. It has a smooth feel and feels like it weighs much less than its counterparts. It also features a high strength bearing system, an oil lubrication system, a kick-out system, and a stainless steel body. It has been designed with smooth surfaces, and you should make sure that all sides of the cube are aligned properly for best results.

YJ Toys is known for producing high-quality mid-range puzzles. They also have a wide variety of stickerless magic cubes for different age groups.

YuXin’s Little Magic M

Considering the low price point, the YuXin’s Little Magic M 3×3 stickerless cube is an excellent option for the budget speed cube enthusiast. It features a sleek and glossy design and is made from durable and eco-friendly ABS material. This makes it super light, fast, and stable. The magnetic finish is smooth, and the small but strong magnets inside the pieces make this speed cube very easy to rotate. It also has a very sturdily constructed mechanism that prevents corner twists. This cube is great for beginners and advanced cubers alike.

In addition to being a budget speed cube, the YuXin’s Little Magic 3×3 is also one of the fastest cubes available in the market. Its smooth, fast, and stable performance makes it the perfect speed cube for beginners and advanced cubers alike. It also has a sleek and frosted exterior, and its magnetic feel is akin to that of the more expensive speed cubes.

QiYi Warrior W 3×3 Rubik Cube

Taking the old QiYi Speed Cube brand and giving it a bit of a face lift, the new Warrior W 3×3 is one of the best budget speedcubes available. With a new, frosted surface, a new vivid colour scheme, and an upgraded mechanism, this cube is sure to make your puzzles more fun and exciting.

It’s also worth noting that the QiYi Warrior W 3×3’s main advantage is its frosted, scratch-resistant surface. This makes it easier to play with and prevents the cube from scratching up easily. This cube also features a pre-lubricated, tensioned mechanism that makes the game feel smooth and stable.

The Warrior W 3×3 isn’t just an excellent speed cube, it’s also a fun learning toy. This stickerless cube is perfect for children, seniors, and professional players. It features smooth play, an accurate color scheme, and a more comfortable grip. The best part is that it’s all at an affordable price.

MS Magnetic Speed cube

Designed for modern speedcubing, the QiYi MS 3×3 is the best cube for the money. The MS series of cubes comes with factory fitted magnets and a finely adjusted speedcube. It is perfect for beginners and professionals.

The QiYi MS 3×3 Speedcube is part of the Magnetic Series, which helps turn layers into their correct positions. It has small and strong magnets inside each piece, which gives cubers more control and stability. It has a crisp feel and a smooth turning motion. It is also controllable and quiet.

The QiYi MS is very popular with competitive speedcubers. It is fast and has zero pops. It is easy to adjust and it comes with a QiYi M-box.

The Cube is made of eco-friendly ABS material. It has non-fading stickers and it is ideal for adults and children. It is a great tool for releasing stress and working pressure. It is also a great tool for kids to learn how to solve puzzles.

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