Is essay writing easy?

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Is essay writing easy? There are a large number of texts and even ready-made samples of essays in the public domain. Of course, this greatly facilitates the preparation, but conversely, getting confused with such an amount of material is straightforward.

The hardest part is getting ready. Finding the strength and motivation oneself to analyze texts regularly is difficult. On the other hand, some topics are pretty tricky to understand. Questions may also arise with the verification criteria, the correctness and accuracy of registration, and literacy.

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To successfully pass the threshold score in the Russian language, you do not need to have any outstanding linguistic skills, and you do not even need a particular mindset. However, the last task of the exam, an essay writing based on the text read, causes the most significant number of questions from graduates and their parents. This article will give detailed instructions on how to write an essay for the exam.

Essay Writing Structure

In the Unified State Examination in the Russian language, the composition is the 27th task. For its implementation, answer form No. 2 is used. In the task, it is required to formulate and comment on one of the problems posed by the author of the text. In the commentary, two examples-illustrations should be given, between which a semantic connection must be traced. Further, the author’s position on this problem is formulated, and then the graduate formulates and argues his attitude to the author’s position.

What is important to remember when essay writing for the exam? 

First of all, it should be remembered that a good essay is a well-analyzed text. To write an essay on the exam without problems, you need to read the texts of past years from the archives of options or training bases of assignments.

It is also important to remember that texts vary in complexity. Some of them contain more visual issues. Such are, for example, texts about war. In cases where it is difficult to identify the problem in the text, more time should be devoted to plot analysis and re-reading.

When to start preparing for essay writing? 

Of course, it is best to start preparing for the successful completion of task number 27 in the tenth grade, along with the preparation for the test part of the exam. Then you will have much more time to read texts and practice writing.

But in no case should you be upset by those who have only a year left before passing the exam. The only important point here is the need to pay a lot of attention to the essay: despite the material in the test part, the 27th task is also quite demanding on knowledge and training.

The algorithm for essay writing looks like this:

1. Problem.

It is better to formulate it in a question like “What is love for the Motherland?”

2. Comment.

It usually takes one to three sentences in which you need to give examples:

the first example with an illustration from the text (the author’s thoughts on the problem, descriptions, history, points of view) and a mandatory explanation (what did the author want to show by this?);

the second example with an illustration from the text and a mandatory explanation.

3. Analysis of the semantic connection between the examples from the commentary.

They can complement, explain, and refute each other.

4. Author’s position.

It is best to answer the question directly (see paragraph 1: “The author seeks to convey to us the idea that love for the Motherland lies in …”)

5. Own position, agreement, or disagreement with the author’s opinion.

You need to provide an argument to justify your position.

6. Conclusion.

What is the genre of the work (comedy, drama, romance, etc.)? What aspects would you like to explore in your work? How to write an essay-reasoning: proceed to the central part. Here, it is necessary to highlight the thoughts the work caused and emotions for the chosen character or his circumstances.

Each idea will have to be supported by examples from the original text of the work. If you say that the problem of war excites the hero, then you need to give examples in which this excitement is conveyed to the reader. Feel free to give your assessment of the character or the circumstances in which he found himself.

This makes any essay brighter and more robust and gives its author authority and expertise. The central part is mostly your reasoning about what excites you in the story. Show here the evolution of your thought, from what moment in work it originated, how it evolved, and what conclusion it ultimately led to.

Conclusion of essay writing on literature

How to write a conclusion in an essay on literature Just a little bit left, and the perfect essay is in your pocket, Buy essay online! For our readers, there is now a 10% discount on any work Patterns, and examples of proper structure as one says that a debriefing should follow the conclusion. Many begin the essay not with an introductory or central part but with a conclusion.

It is said that it is much easier to describe your reasoning after writing short theses consistently. So, in the final part, you need to answer the question you posed in the introductory part. This kind of short theorem is deduced from the entire lengthy proof given in the previous parts of the essay.

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