Top 20 Quality Management Dissertation Topics In UK 2022

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Searching for interesting quality management dissertation topics may seem like a simple task at first. Before you even come close to finding a dissertation topic, it may take weeks or even months to find it.

There’s no need to stress yourself out any longer if you are having trouble finding an important dissertation topic. Below is a collection of dissertation topics in the field of quality management, as well as some topics that can help you develop your own.

Ideas for custom dissertation topics in quality management

Before you start choosing topics for your quality management dissertation help pause and brainstorm, either with a partner or on your own. This is because choosing topics that are related to your area of interest can help you stay motivated while researching and writing your paper.

We present you some interesting quality management dissertation ideas that will help you find trendy and individual dissertation topics.

Customer Satisfaction

This dissertation proposal aims to study and emphasize the relationship between customer satisfaction and the quality management techniques that companies or organizations use. You can compare several fast food chains in the UK to examine their quality management plans and assess how they affect customer satisfaction. Then, these fast food chains should also implement quality management systems.

Quality Management Systems

This paper will examine and highlight the function, benefits, and problems associated with the application of quality management systems in a particular industry. For example, you could talk about how the integration of AI could improve quality management across multiple industries (or a specific industry) in the UK.

Top UK Researchers’ List of Quality Management Dissertation Topics!

Do not panic if you have not come up with a dissertation idea yet. We have compiled the best quality management dissertation topics you will ever find. However, it is advisable to create as many short lists of topics as you like and then write about each of them. This could be beneficial for you and help you choose the ideal topic. You can choose as many topics as you like from the list below and modify them according to your preferences and areas of expertise.

  1. A statistical analysis of how well the quality management concepts are used in the UK retail sector.
  2. A case study of the KFC chain in the UK was used to examine potential obstacles to implementing quality management systems.
  3. Using Apple as a case study, researchers looked at consumer satisfaction levels in the UK regarding product quality.
  4. Amazon is used as a case study to show the potential problems that might arise when quality management procedures are abandoned.
  5. A thorough investigation of how customer knowledge and customer relationship management affect service quality.
  6. What are the advantages of quality management systems for the UK healthcare sector? a statistical analysis
  7. A review of efficient quality management practices. What elements must be considered when creating a quality management plan for a B2B company in the UK?
  8. We are examining the efficiency of quality management system deployments in the American textile sector.
  9. How does McDonald’s in the UK oversee product quality? A critical examination.
  10. A research project examines the relationship between customer happiness and service quality in the UK textile sector.
  11. We are evaluating the effects of customer relationship management and customer knowledge on service quality—an examination of the British fast food sector.
  12. How does quality management impact the human resources department? An analysis of a case in the UK’s retail industry
  13. We are assessing how the quality management department contributes to a UK-based IT company’s cost reduction and profit maximization.
  14. A comparison between corporate entities and family-owned businesses in the United Kingdom was made to examine the function and effects of quality management in producing sales.
  15. The Hospitality Sector Adopts Total Quality ManagementRecognizing consumers as the most crucial transaction element can help you adopt TQM in hotel management. An executive’s successful implementation of TQM in an organization can be assessed.
  1. Total Quality Management in the Medical EnvironmentThe process is continually used for continuous improvement in quality management, whereas the model is a means to an aim of increasing success quality at the lowest cost feasible.
  1. Total Quality Management: Foundations and DevelopmentThe second TQM tenet are that most businesses have process issues rather than people issues. This was justified by the fact that everyone had a say in the product’s quality.
  1. The Hospitality Industry’s Successful Implementation of Total Quality Management and the Role of Human Resource ManagementAccording to Nickson, it is the responsibility of HRM to develop HRM policies about the employment requirements of the sector and the selection criteria.
  1. The Importance of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Modern Strategic ManagementTotal Quality Management is a relatively new idea in strategic management; it first appeared in the 1980s, mainly as a response from American businesses to the pressure of Japanese competitors.
  1. Total Quality Management at the University of Abu Dhabi Total quality management is a method managers use to continually define and oversee the tasks required to meet an organization’s quality goals to provide high-quality goods and services.

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